Photo by RJF Productions


Born and raised Island girl.. but now I guess you could say I’m an Alberta gal!

I was about 16 when I realized I wanted to be a broadcaster and began to pursue my education at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

I’m origianly from Victoria B.C. however I have lived in Vancouver and places in Northern B.C. while pursuing my career in broadcasting. Throughout that time I have had the opportunity to be involved in TV and Radio and have loved every minute!

In my opinion, there is nothing better then a good book, a great film and a fantastic theatre show. My favorite thing to do while on the air is to turn the music up really loud and pretend I know all the words. (As my co-worker says… ‘”Turn down your music, you punk kid!”)

I am thrilled to be apart of the MY96 family so if you se us out and about at events or on location please feel free to say HI!

Talk to you ‘on the air!’